Natural Calico Bags 37cm x 42cm with two long handles

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100% natural cotton calico bags -370mm(w) x 420mm(h) + strap

Calico bags are all natural coloured calico cotton bags and are high quality 130gsm with high denier. 100% cotton, our calico bags are also all cross stitched on the inside seams which means they are stronger than your average calico bag! 

Natural Calico Bag is 37cm wide x 42cm high PLUS with two long handles. Long handles are approximately 35cm from the top-centre of bag to top-centre of handles. Handle straps are 2.5cm thick.

Heat Press instructions: 15 seconds (pressure) Cold peel and a further 3 second press 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please note as our calico bags are 100% cotton they are not suitable for machine washing. We recommend a gentle cold hand wash and drip dry if they need to be cleaned but there is potential for them to shrink.