Hot Pink GlitterFlex Ultra HTV

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60° Blade Recommended
Cut this material in mirror image
160°C - 165°C2,0 - 3,0 bar (Medium pressure) 12 - 15 Seconds
Peel Warm
Wash cold (40°C) inside out. Tumble Dry normal. Suitable for Dry Cleaning.
Layering not recommended.
Iron inside out. Do not iron directly onto transfers.
Suitable for cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic, wool & linen.
Application Tape not required.

Glitterflex Ultra film is a brilliant and sparkling solution for fabrics especially those used in the fashion industry. It can be applied to dark and light fabrics made of cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester blends, wool & linen.
Glitterflex Ultra is one of the most popular choices for retail stores because of the striking shimmering effect on fashion garments.
Glitterflex Ultra Holo colours are slightly translucent and will take on the colour of the garment, especially on black or dark coloured garments.
Glitterflex Ultra contains actual polyester glitter particles, allowing this product to be sublimated onto, creating endless design possibilities.

*sizes may vary +1/-1 cms